The First Nazi Concentration Camp

Adolf Hitler was named chancellor of Germany on the 30th of January 1933.  Just seven weeks later the first concentration camp in Germany was established.  This camp was a short distance outside of Munich beside the town of Dachau.  The first to be targeted were the political opponents:  Communists, Socialists, journalists and outspoken clergymen.  They were sent to Dachau for "re-education".  These first prisoners would soon be followed by other groups - homosexuals, the homeless, Roma and Sinti people, so-called "asocials" and, in particular, Jews.

dachau camp gate

The Model Camp

Something that distinguished Dachau from the countless other camps that followed was that it was used as a model.  The SS would train their men here and then send them out to command a vast system of camps that stretched across Nazi occupied Europe.  Even the SS called it "The School of Terror".  At Dachau the SS created an environment where human beings would be subjected to torture, starvation, degradation, medical experiments, mass executions and death.


Our Dachau Tour

We believe that coming on our tour is the best way to visit the former concentration camp.  Our guides are officially authorised and accredited by the memorial site.  We will take you to the former concentration camp by train (approx. 10mins) and then deliver a comprehensive and respectful tour before bringing you safely back to Munich.  Throughout the tour we will answer any questions that you may have.  Our guides combine years of experience with an acute awareness of the importance of learning from what was done at Dachau.